A day with a kitten

I start this story with some action to action shots of my kitten in constant motion. In fact, it’s really hard to catch him on camera when he’s going full force! He tends to be a bit blurry in most shots! Then, as he slows down, you see aspect to aspect as he starts to settle down and get sleepy, and finally comes to a complete crash next to me on the couch. For my story, I use duo-specific text, where the words really add very little to the narrative of the story. The words tell a little more than the pictures, in the sense that they describe my kitten’s actions, but don’t add a significant amount of meaning to the work. This type of story is useful if your audience doesn’t really read well, or speak the language you’re typing in.

Newt has a lot of energy to burn!He loves to explore! He also loves his mama! But he can’t go full force for very long…

Without taking a nice cat nap!

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