hypermedia – The Shootout

I really preferred the Shootout, which felt very linear to me, and I felt I understood the story completely, even though there were different choices for how it could end. Most of the hypermedia didn’t really make sense to me, and I wasn’t sure if it was me, my computer, or just the way the story progressed, but with the Shootout, I was able to see how each step led to the next. I liked how the author brought up the myth of the Nigerian prince and put it in the old west context.  The story was very linear, and simple to navigate, and I felt satisfied that I read the entire story, and didn’t miss anything. Many of the other hyper media projects seemed incomplete, or maybe I just didn’t know quite how to follow them from beginning to end. The text on the screen flashed by too quickly for me to finish, or there didn’t seem to be anything to click on to make the story continue. In contrast, in the Shootout, it was clear what you needed to do to continue the story, and even where there were multiple choices (the endings) it brought you back to the branching part, where you could try the other options. I always enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books, and would always go through them multiple times until I was satisfied I had tried every route. The world of the Shootout was consistent, and by using “we” the narrator included the reader in the identification, without really affecting the way the story went, at least not until the end of the story.

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