*I emailed this earlier, but I am now able to post on the blog again*

I decided to look over “My Boyfriend Came Back From the War.” I have read similar styles of hypertext stories before and it really caught my eye. It reminded me of the style of the story “Inanimate Alice” in that it was interactive. However, I would say this story is more interactive because the viewer can click more than just an arrow at the bottom of the page. The style of this narrative is also what I aim to accomplish with my final project. I love being able to select what comes next in the story, clicking different things to unlock new dialogue. It really draws the reader in, and makes them feel connected to the story in a whole new way. I believe 100% that hypertext media can be considered a story. It has all the elements, they’re just not always as obvious. Sometimes you have to explore the page more to get the whole story, or view all the images included. It is a story that may even “write itself” so to speak, as the reader chooses what to select next.  

Video games can also be a great way to tell a story, and are much more interactive in that the character can move through the world in which it takes place in. However, often players find themselves too immersed in the tasks or trying to score highly in the game to actually take time, stop, and enjoy the story. I believe that hypertext media narrows down that focus, drawing the reader into the story itself more than what is beyond it. There is also a sense of abstract to all of it. The reader can interpret it however they choose, providing endless theories and ideas that can all come together to make something entirely new within their own mind. 

For my story, I want to incorporate this sense of abstract, perhaps through silhouettes like in my visual narrative. I want the reader to be able to discover additional text depending on where they click and discover more sides to the story. I believe it’s a simple way to embrace that “Choose Your Own Adventure” style that we are all so fond of in media today.