I chose to examine Inanimate Alice. I had previously viewed part of it in another class, but only a sample. I wanted a chance to read through more of it and further explore the themes as well as the symbolism. This piece of hypermedia uses a variety of methods and styles such as gifs, images, and even sound, to further draw the reader into the story.

The very words and language reflect the narrator well, as she is only a little girl. The focus even goes along with her priorities, with her focusing on her handheld game throughout a majority of it. She even slowly picks up on her mother’s anxiety, just as a young girl would.

I found that the story was conveyed quite well. The reader could see through Alice’s eyes and even hear what she heard. Suspense built slowly using the various symbols and mediums, drawing the reader in all the more. The images are bright and vivid, reflecting the theme and painting a clear picture of what Alice’s life was like.

For my story, I hope to convey similar childish emotions and viewpoints through the way that the story is told. Since the main character is a young boy, I will use simpler language and attempt to divide his focus just like Alice. Both characters are constantly using a portable gaming system, so it’s easy to draw a parallel there. I also want to use simplified images to identify his surroundings, since he is not as focused on describing them and more absorbed in what he’s doing.