Final Project

This story tells of a girl at home, alone but not really alone because of the links technology allows her to make with others, by phone, by text messages, and over the internet on a computer or other device. She confidently immerses herself in her various windows into the world until suddenly technology fails in the face of severe weather. I experienced a terrible storm in Spokane a couple of years ago, where the power went out and even our cell phones lost all signal for several hours. The wind storm there was so loud and overwhelming that it basically left us completely isolated. While we were fortunate enough to get our power back fairly quickly, others were left without power and in many cases, without shelter, for days and even weeks. In my story, the girl turns inward during the brief power outage and finds courage and strength and confidence to leave her online windows and turns to human companionship, even when faced with the possibility of returning to the comfort of the various online conversations.

This is my first starting from scratch html project, and it has a few glitches, but for the most part it conveys my vision fairly well. I chose to include some extra videos of dramatic storms to tell part of the story. You are meant to pretend that when Taryn looks out the window, she sees the storm – not a Youtube video of a storm – and when you get to the next video you are to imagine that she is seeing the previous storms in her imagination, all the while hearing the wind and rain and thunder and sirens of the current storm.


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