Blog Post 3: Typographic Storytelling

Diagrammatic Writing and Great Rock n’ Roll Pauses inspired me to look away from the formal and scientific writing I have learn in schooling so far. I struggled with all the academic writing styles because they were so boring and for me lacked my own voice. Even in high-school, over 10 years ago now, I could never get myself to enjoy writing assignments. There was one exception to that, which was a creative writing class I took in 2005 as an elective. However, even that class had so many regulations and expectations that I felt took away from the creative process. This lesson has given me a new energy in wanting to create my own art piece, rather than just a bunch of words and now I am sitting here wondering which idea I should explore as my mind fills with so many. The Great Rock n’ Roll Pauses work was very interesting as it told the story of her family in such a unique way, which was even mentioned by her mother in the story. I found myself able to read each slide in multiple ways with the same message coming across to readers. I want to create a similar feel to mu typographical story, one that has a main plot, but also one that does not have to be read in typical fashion. Depending on where I go with my first project, I will keep in mind all of the shapes and patterns of writing that was used in that story. Both pieces of material we looked at for this lesson explore how to create a new structure and rhythm with typography alone. utilizing the workspace, fonts, sizing, colors, and arrows even, can create a new way to tell a story that could otherwise be bland. placement of the words with different sizes can direct the reader into a new flow of reading than the normal left to right top to bottom. I am excited to play around with the workspace to create a fun twist to a little tale that I choose. Now I just need to pick from a few stories I want to use for this project

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