Blog Post 5: Visual Narrative II

I chose to use some pictures from a hike that I went on a couple days ago. The first picture shows my group of friends toward the beginning of our hike. Between the first two pictures there is a scene to scene transition, and we move to later on in the hike when I was struggling a little bit more and wondering if I was going to be able to make it to the top. Then there is a subject to subject transition as the camera shows my point of view and my friends encouraging me to keep going. Then there is another scene to scene transition of when we finally made it to the top and could rest. There is one last subject to subject transition between the last two photos as we move inside the destination and begin reflecting on the journey we just had as we prepare to watch the sunset.

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  • Hi Jamison, This is a good sequence. I will only say that a greater variety of camera distances will make us read it more as story: long shot , medium shot, close up. Setting, social group, close on on individual. I know you probably took these before the assignment!

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