Blog Post 4: Visual Narrative I

McCloud’s book Understanding Comics the Invisible Art gave me a whole new perspective on how we read and experience things. I have been a big fantasy book reader for most of my life and very briefly dabbled into comics and manga a few times. I had never realized how comics engage the reader or how time and space were conveyed. It is such a natural instinct for humans to engage in the gutter and to move through time in the various ways that were described. This weeks readings have really opened up my creative mind in that I want to play around with a new story’s time-lapse and use of imagination gaps. At first I was thinking of taking the same story about how I got my cat Stella from the first assignment and turning it into a visual story rather than typographical, but now I am thinking of playing off my love for fantasy and seeing if I can use that genera to create an emotion through images and space rather than words. If we are able to fill in the gaps between frames, what emotional responses can be issued to the audience without them being told? I want to explore this in that I will use imagery and gutters to allow the readers minds to explore how they feel about the story unfolding. I am feeling like I may take a concept from one of my favorite books and exploring how I can get the readers to feel what the character is feeling. I anticipate that one of two main feelings will occur, either fear or excitement, however I am fully aware that there are a broad spectrum of other emotions will happen occasionally.

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