Blog Post 5: Visual Narrative II

For this post I decided to use the moment to moment transition while my daughter feeds our floofy rascals. I have taught our three cats to sit for food as Harley (the middle tuxedo) eats too much and they all need to be restricted. The idea behind this is that I call the cats, have them sit in their spots, and give each their portion in order of who remains sitting. Stella (the Siamese on the left) is often fed first as she sits patiently the longest while Axel (the black cat on the right) is first one there and first one to get up. I used to be a dog trainer and I have used some of those skills with my cats here, but now my daughter wants mom to teach her how to train animals. This moment happens twice a day and is always very entertaining as I am now trying to teach my 10y.o. how to manage 3 opinionated cats at the same time. With covid restricting my contact with the outside world I decided to use the moment to moment transition to show a little fun in my daily routine. A silly side note: the pictures are all from a different angle as the cats and my daughter kept nudging me out of their way, and notice how Harley decides she wants belly rubs in the middle of dinner.

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