Blog Post 7: Hypertext and Hypermedia

I chose How to Rob a Bank, by Alan Bigelow and With Those We Love Alive, Porpentine for this blog post as both of them pulled me in. How to Rob a Bank was very interesting and the author gave a great story in multiple parts. The choice to read different chapters in any order was great, I chose to read it in order but the way it was delivered any order would  have made sense. The linear sequencing was evident, however any choice to take the story in a non-linear fashion would have ultimately delivered the linear story. It is complex and simple all at the same time! The story was clear and the delivery of color combinations helped to visualize who was talking/on their phone. There was also the delivery of story in different forms, news in the Huffington post articles, the texting, Google, interview, and the police scanner. There was a span of time that was very clear because of game play, notes and research. I was able to visualize the entire story-line with all aspects given without long sentences seen in books. With Those We Love Alive the reader gets a completely different experience. I do not understand the title to be completely honest as there is nothing in the story that eludes to it. However, this story gives a great expanse of a world outside of our own. I found myself wanting to explore more of this world and what it is all about, who is this mysterious creature who brings you to her realm? What is the purpose of being brought there? With that being so open it leaves the reader to imagine combination of answers to those questions. I found myself wanting to do more and wanting to explore every aspect that was given. There was no linear sequencing, but it could easily be added by the author and with so much mystery I would be intrigued to explore every new addition/expansion to the story.

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