Blog Post 11: Storytelling

Both the TED Talk and Ira Glass’s talk on storytelling drew some parallels about what constitutes good storytelling. In Glass’s case he believes that a story needs to main things. The first thing is an anecdote which is simply a sequence of actions where one leads to the next. This momentum can create suspense in even the most boring stories. This anecdote also has to raise questions to the audience that will be explored and answered throughout the story. The next thing a good story needs is a moment of reflection where the story tells you the real purpose behind why the story is being told. An exciting, action-packed story is useless if it doesn’t mean or represent anything in the end. This helps the story create something larger than the sum of its parts.

In the TED Talk, JJ Abrams talks about his love for storytelling and how it originated. He said that the best thing about stories is the infinite possibilities. With how much technology has come in the last few decades, we are now able to do so much more with storytelling and for JJ Abrams that is enough to inspire him to keep filling blank pages with engaging stories.

In my own final project, I think I definitely will be using a lot of these elements to create a compelling story. I think the best advice I got from the videos was to keep the audience wondering what will be happening next and to make sure that the story is being told for a reason.

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