Blog Post 9: Story and Games

I chose to explore the “game” Galatea because I don’t do much gaming in my own time and thought it would be easier to interact with a game that had more to do with something, I was familiar with, stories. This app offers a wide selection of love stories and scary stories to choose from. Since I hate scary content, I chose to explore one of the love stories, despite breaking up with my boyfriend of four years three days ago. While I was somewhat dreading the experience, I was immediately captured by the story’s format. It offered background noise, and only offered a sentence or a short paragraph at a time to make the audience feel like they are experiencing the story rather than just reading it. While I have never come across a game like this myself, I think this type of story can offer the audience a lot more meaning than a traditional book or story. There doesn’t seem to be a goal to the app outside of exploring narrative ideas and the different ways they can be delivered to an audience. They are engaging because they aim to stimulate more of your senses within the reading experience. The story I accidently chose ended up being a straight to the point erotica about werewolf orgies. Instead of suscepting you to that, I chose to include some screenshots of the apps descriptions that give examples of the experiences you will have while using the app.

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