DTC 356 – Spring 2012 Electronic Research and the Rhetoric of Information


Information Ethics: Video and Blog entry

In today's class (March 28th 2012) we will be watching a talk given by Douglas Rushkoff at the Google campus. He describes his book Program or be Programmed: 10 Commandments for the Digital Age.

As you watch, please take notes in a blog entry and try to capture at least one ethical issue that information users face today. Try to identify something that has a range of possible responses and isn't just a simple binary good/evil distinction.

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Tagging Lab

Delicious Lab

This lab is part of the Delicious assignment. The second part is the tagging essay.


March 07: Class Lecture on SEO

How Search Works:



How Search Can Work For You:


Search is too important to leave to one Company


Examples of Black Hat SEO:

JC Penny

Kay Hutchinson's SEO problem

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Extra Credit Options

If you are finding yourself concerned about your grade in the class, I’d like to offer an opportunity to do a project and pick up a few extra points.

Here is how it works. You will need to read one of the following two items:

More credit will be given to students who also read the responses to the essay and comment on the conversation.

podcast of this lecture is also available, but you will want to use the original link to see the images he refers to while talking.


Then, after having read and thought about the item, please write a detailed and thorough blog post with your response and reaction to the item. This should be approached with more care and polish than a typical reading response. I’m looking for both your understanding of the material presented and your ability to fit it into the larger discussion we are having in this class.
Student may complete two extra credit blog posts, should they feel the need, but a maximum of 5% of the course grade will be awarded.
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Search Engine Lab March 5th

Advanced Google Search:

Advanced Google Search Poster (old):

Google Search Features

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics

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