DTC 356 – Spring 2012 Electronic Research and the Rhetoric of Information


Class: January 18 2012

Organization Essay


Org Essay Instructions


A work: Follows instructions perfectly. Also includes quality reflections on the significance of the organization and connections to larger conversations in class and the readings.

B work:  Follows instructions well, includes all assigned aspects. Also includes an attempt at reflecting on significance or connections between the essay and the readings/class.

C work: Follows instructions roughly or neglects significant parts of the assignment. Simply jumps through hoops without reflecting or making connections between their work and larger issues.

Examples from Chapters 1 & 2

  • Ulysses in three catalogs
    • We looked at visual examples at the amount of information that physical and digital labels allow us to encode on items. We started with a library card catalog that only has space for three subjects to by typed on it. Then we looked at an early computerized library catalog that allowed up the 12 subjects to be applied to a book. Finally, we looked at an online catalog that allows all users to tag as many descriptors as they choose to a book.
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