DTC 356 – Spring 2012 Electronic Research and the Rhetoric of Information


Tagging Lab

Delicious Lab

This lab is part of the Delicious assignment. The second part is the tagging essay.

  • Step one, visit www.delicious.com
  • Click Join to create a new Delicious account or Log In if you have an existing account.
  • In your class blog, create a new post titled Delicious Lab (do not skip this step, please).
  • In this new blog post, enter in your delicious account name.
  • Once you are logged in, click on Save Link to create a new bookmark.




  • Paste the link to the class blog in the box and click next

  • Congratulations! You have added your first bookmark to Delicious.
  • Enter in a Title, Tags, and a description for your link. If in doubt, copy the ones below.

  • Click save to save your new bookmark and its associated metadata.

Searching Delicious

  • In the search bar at the top of your screen, type in SEO and hit enter.
  • Notice the order that search results are presented:
  • Your links first
  • Stacks second
  • Other people's links third
  • Notice the list of tags on the right hand column.

  • Click on SEO under related tags
  • This brings up a list of all delicious users links that use the tag SEO.
  • Sort the list by most popular
  • Note the related tags on the right and the additional tags under each entry.
  • Note the tag search at the top of the screen.
  • You can add additional tags for a Boolean AND search.
  • You can click the X next to the tag to remove it from your search.
  • You will use the tag search in the related delicious assignment. It isn't the easiest thing to find, so remember or link to: delicious.com/tag

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