WEEK 3: JavaScript Functions
(January 23 & 25)

To Do This Week:

CodeAcademy – just the lessons, not the projects 
Learn Javascript :
. Functions“,
5. “
6.” Arrays”
7. “Loops”

Read (optional): Eloquent Javascript


JavaScript Talk:

Steps to make a Hangman game…?


Change Circles Script

Circles / Letters

Student Pairings

Download the Circles file (control click page) or get the source code and make a new file in Sublime text. Then, with your partner, make changes. First talk about what 3 things you want to change in the script. Then list the steps needed for each change. Try to find the JavaScript code. Use ChatGPT or ask me.

Remember, if your script stops working. Command + Option + J opens the console with the line of the error. Or “inspect element” and look for the Console in the panel. 

Traversing the DOM (getting and manipulating elements on the page):