The workshop took place July 26th and July 27th at WSU Vancouver. Discussions of submitted papers were held in the large group, as well as in small group settings. Papers were discussed in the following order:

Thursday morning

B. Lynne Milgram (OCAD University, Toronto) Refashioning Global Craft Commodity Flows in the Philippines
Elisha Renne (U Michigan) Craft and Anthropological Production, Time and Memory in Zaria City, Nigeria
Geoffrey Gowlland (SOAS, London) Materials, the nation and the self: division of labour in a Taiwanese craft
Millaray Villalobos (U Costa Rica) Latin American Traveling Artisans in Costa Rica: Transnational “Useful Art”, Nomadism, and the Construction of Deterritorialized Identities
Cameron Walker (Cal St. Fullerton) Ancient Traditions in Modern Hands

Thursday afternoon

Fran Mascia-Lees (Rutgers) Crafting Embodiment in the Contemporary U.S.
Susan Terrio (Georgetown) Visions of Excess: Crafting and Consuming Good Chocolate in France and the US
Dawn Nafus and Richard Beckwith (Intel Corp) Number in Craft: Situated Numbering Practices in Do-It-Yourself Sensor Systems
Myriem Naji (University College London) Embodied, Communal, and Material Knowledge: A comparison of craft in two contexts

Friday morning

Mira Mohsini (Goldsmiths, London) Highly Skilled Labor:Troubling the categories of “artisan” and “labor”
Daniela Rosner (U Cal Berkeley) Modern Craft: Locating the Material in a Digital Age
Lane DeNicola (University College London) We Have Never Been Analog: Situating the Study of Digital Crafts
Alanna Cant (LSE) Who Authors Crafts? Producing woodcarvings and authorship in Oaxaca, Mexico

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