King of Space: a live elit pathfinder traversal

A telling of Sarah Smith's work of electronic literature King of Space

  1. Conversations continue after the feed ends.
  2. Our Traversal of King of Space was experienced in its original form. Purchased by @dgrigar in 1991 from Eastgate for $29.95 #elitpathfinders
  3. Tea and cucumber sandwiches featured in King of Space - sweet little British touch. My heart!!! #ELitPathfinders
  4. King of Space was also influenced by the electronic literature Amnesia. #elitpathfinders
  5. It's Q & A time for King of Space. #elitpathfinders
  6. “U can fall into a maze of love or find the dance at the center of the world that regenerates the ship.” -Eastgate Systems on King of Space
  7. We are getting to the end of the live Traversal of King of Space. We will start the Q&A next. #elitpathfinders #elit
  8. King of Space has roughly 25 different endings. #elitpathfinders
  9. As in AMNESIA, every cowardly decision you make in King of Space results in bad consequences #elitpathfinders #elit @dtcv
  10. King of Space offers no good choices. The male protagonist experiences the female problem of the double bind #elitpathfinders #elit @dtcv
  11. Mark Bernstein had to build a new platform for King of Space called Kingwriter. But it also requires HyperCard #elitpathfinders #elit @dtcv
  12. The tiger imagry used in King of Space is purely incidental. #elitpathfinders
  13. The airlock in the King of Space signifies that the user has hit an end, which is the "black screen." #elitpathfinders #elit
  14. We're doing an #elitpathfinders of Sarah Smith's King of Space in the Electronic Literature Lab today.
  15. Science fiction space tales mixed with specific forms of art - the uniqueness of this work is astounding! #elitpathfinders 
  16. King of Space was influenced by quilting, collage, choose your own adventure games. #elitpathdfinders #elit @dtcv
  17. The art was made by Matthew Mattingly. #elitpathfinders
  18. King of Space consists of ~ 317 lexias. Sarah Smith produced 25 different endings to the story. More than Stanley Parable! #elitpathfinders
  19. Creating the #elitpathfinders for Sarah Smith’s King of Space.
  20. Sarah Smith was encouraged to write King of Space by Mark Bernstein. She began the work in 1988; it was released it in 1991 #elitpathfinders
  21. The ASCII artist for King of Space is Matthew Mattingly #elitpathfinders #elit @dtcv
  22. Quilting, collage, and choose your own adventure books influenced King of Space. #elitpathfinders
  23. King of Space will start at 12:30. #elitpathfinders
  24. Starting the event, livestream will begin at 12:30.
  25. The Live Traversal of Sarah Smith's King of Space begins at 12:30 PDT. Here is a link to the YouTube site: 
  26. Please use #elitpathfinders when posting about the King of Space traversal.
  27. The live traversal for King of Space will be starting soon. #elitpathfinders
  28. .@automatedamber & @dgrigar chatting with King of Space author Sarah Smith before tomorrow’s live stream Traversal @dtcv #elitpathfinders
    .@automatedamber & @dgrigar chatting with King of Space author Sarah Smith before tomorrow’s live stream Traversal @dtcv #elitpathfinders
  29. @automatedamber rehearsing for tomorrow's live stream Traversal of Sarah Smith's King of Space @dtcv #elitpathfinders #elit
    @automatedamber rehearsing for tomorrow's live stream Traversal of Sarah Smith's King of Space @dtcv #elitpathfinders #elit
  30. Organizing the camera for the live stream is challenging.
  31. Amber and I are in ELL rehearsing for tomorrow's Traversal. See you all at 12 noon PDT at 
  32. Pathfinders eLit Live Stream
  33. Experience a digital performance––what Stuart Moulthrop and I call a “Traversal”––of the first science fiction hypertext narrative: Sarah Smith’s King of Space (Eastgate Systems, Inc., 1991). This is a live performance streamed on YouTube and also captured in video in the Electronic Literature Lab. To access the work, we will be using one of two copies held in the Grigar Collection and Grigar’s Macintosh LC III, running OS 7.5.3, with a portrait view monitor. Performing the Traversal is Amber Strother, the Blackburn Fellow at Washington State University who specializes in science fiction and media studies. Guests can view the Traversal in person at Multimedia Classroom Building, Room 211B, or online at . The event begins at 12 noon PDT and will end at 2 p.m. PDT. For more information, visit:…/traversal-of-sarah-smiths-king-of-sp…/