David Kolb's Socrates in the Labyrinth: a live e-lit traversal

David Kolb leads a live traversal of his hypertext work Socrates in the Labyrinth

  1. Pathfinders eLit Live Stream
  2. In a few minutes, we will be having a pre-show and a playing of John Barber's soundscape. #elitpathfinders
  3. The preshow has begun for #elitpathfinders live traversal of David Kolb's Socrates in the Labyrinth.  http://bit.ly/2xuUJ9i 
  4. @elitpathfinders I can't wait till David Kolb starts going through his work Socrates in the Labyrinth. #elitpathfinders
  5. Today's live traversal of David Kolb's Socrates in the Labyrinth is about to begin.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxDUCGzfDl8 
  6. Live right now in the Electronic Literature Lab: a traversal of David Kolb’s "Socrates in the Labyrinth". @dtcv  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxDUCGzfDl8 
  7. Socrates in the Labyrinth is made up of 26k words, 307 nodes of text (195 in the opening presentation alone), and 741 links #elitpathfinders
  8. Shoutout to our brilliant technologist, Greg Philbrook and also to our genius lab assistants Veronica, Vanessa, and Mariah. #elitpathfinders
  9. Socrates in the Labyrinth has five different files and a sixth file of random text from random books. #elitpathfinders
  10. DK-Socrates-talk
  11. David Kolb's Socrates in the Labyrinth is a non-linear work that is different for every person. #elitpathfinders
  12. In essence - the question driving Kolb’s hypertext is “Does a philosophical argument need to be in linear order?” #elitpathfinders
  13. "How do you deconstruct the argumentative line?" This was the question that began the creation of Socrates in the Labyrinth. #elitpathfinders
  14. "In hypertext there can be so many levels that everything ends up on the same level. What does this do to philosophy?" Kolb #elitpathfinders
  15. Socrates in the Labyrinth is the only e-literature published by Eastgate Systems that was focused on the topic of philosophy. #elitpathfinders
  16. Socrates in the Labyrinth offered “well-crafted insight into how hypertext can reshape&redirect argument & philosophy.” -Nick Carbone, 1996
  17. The overarching question driving Kolb’s hypertext is, “Does a philosophical argument need to be in a linear order?” #elitpathfinders
  18. David Kolb's findings: No, but there needs to be a structure; philosophy is more than argument. Hypertext opens up the possibility of new ways to do philosophy. #elitpathfinders
  19. "A text can make a claim on you, even if it doesn't argue for a particular proposition." D Kolb #elitpathfinders
  20. Time for Q & A with David Kolb about his work Socrates in the Labyrinth. #elitpathfinders
  21. “Philosophy is extraordinarily conservative in its modes of reading and writing.” That is why Kolb’s work is so important! #elitpathfinders
  22. Follow the Q & A of Socrates in the Labyrinth on YouTube. #elitpathfinders  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxDUCGzfDl8 
  23. Though multiple hypertext works have been published by Eastgate, Kolb’s Socrates is the only one focused on philosophy #elitpathfinders
  24. Another prolific work published by David Kolb is “Sprawling Places” - which discusses today’s society and the creation of real human places.
  25. Loving Kolb’s discussion on how our existential human selves are always trying to draw connections from 1 thing to another! #elitpathfinders
  26. Our Traversal of Socrates in the Labyrinth was experienced in its original form. Purchased by @dgrigar from Eastgate. #elitpathfinders pic.twitter.com/P5SPmDkHDfhttps://t.co/P5SPmDkHDfpic.twitter.com/P5SPmDkHDfhttps://t.co/P5SPmDkHDfpic.twitter.com/P5SPmDkHDfhttps://t.co/P5SPmDkHDfpic.twitter.com/P5SPmDkHDf