Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

An owl comes to your home with a letter from Hogwarts. What were you doing at the time?

Netflix binge watching.
Finishing another project and stressing about an upcoming quiz.
Debating whether I should eat waffles or pancakes for breakfast, before deciding on french toast.
Helping someone out with their math homework, even though I don't totally get it myself.

What spell do you most want to learn at Hogwarts?

Lumos! (Light)
Expelliarmus! (Disarm)
Alohomora! (Unlock)
Accio! (Summon)

You notice someone cheating on a test. How do you react?

Be disappointed in the other student's dishonesty and maybe talk to them later.
Pull the student aside after the test and "persuade" them to pay for your silence.
Stop mid-test and tell the professor.
After the test, discreetly tell the teacher about your concerns.

It's time to play everyone's favorite game: Quidditch! What's your position?

I am a Chaser!
I am the Seeker!
I am the Keeper!
I am in the stands.

It's your first trip into Diagon Alley. It's time to shop for a wand! What is your wand wood made of?

Hawthorn! (Good for healing and curses)
Pine! (Individualistic and adaptive to new things)
English Oak! (For the strong and reliable)
Maple! (For ambitious types and explorers)

Expecto Patronum! Wow! It's a...


You're in Potions Class. Which one do you make?

I think I'll make a Skele-Gro. (Heal broken bones *CAUTION* painful)
I think I'll make a Polyjuice Potion. (Change physical appearance temporarily)
I think I'll make a Veritaserum. (Truth serum)
I think I'll make a Draught of Peace. (Relieves anxiety and agitation)

What's the first activity you do once you arrive at Hogwarts?

Explore the grounds and make some friends.
Head to the ever-famous Hogwarts Library.
Secure my spot in class. No one is taking MY spot.
Unpack my belongings.

Yes I did! Bring it ON!
I've waited for this moment. Good game to all!
I know the dangers well enough to not do something like that.

The Sorting Hat also wants to take into account your own desires. What House do YOU think you should be in?


You are Gryffindor! The house of the courageous! Gryffindor are known to be brave, daring, and risk-takers.

You are Ravenclaw! The house of the wise! Ravenclaw are known for their wit, learning, and cleverness.

You are Slytherin! The house of the ambitious! Slytherin are known for their forethought, cunning capabilities, and caution.

You are Hufflepuff! The house of the loyal! Hufflepuff are known for their hard work, dedication, and patience.