The Apple Seed

Created by Savage
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Her heart pounds with desire every time her eyes feast upon his fair beauty.

She would do anything for him!

Horror floods her senses.
When she returns nothing but a symbol from a kingdom is carved into the tree is left.

What should I do?! What will happen to him, maybe whoever took him will enslave him or worse kill him. How will he survive? I have to save him!

From dehydration and exhaustion her weak legs collapsed from under her.

Only the noise of breaking branches and whispers fade around her.

Colored lines move around here. She wakes up in a daze.

A boy covered in body paint helps her get up and offers water.
He smiles.
Her heart flutters.
She smiles back.

What is this feeling?
Wait!...I cant.

She glances around at her surroundings and notices the apple she picked.

She takes the apple seed and places it in a pouch to remind her that he is counting on her to rescue him.

I must go, I have to find him!

What am I to do, I am stuck in a forest that I do not know how to get out. I do not know what to do. I am so weak and hopeless. My legs are getting heavy again.

I cant keep my eyes open any longer. I guess I will stay till I rest up.