Interesting Storytelling Ways

Game grumps is a Video Game Let's Play Youtube channel. And you wouldn't think it, but people actually take the commentary and make actual stories and animation from them. In the episode above, they are actually playing a game called Mario Maker and to relieve the stress they make funny anecdotes and such, which was then turned into a wonderfully made animation.

The following music is what I like to call "Storytelling Music." Straight from the movie "Spirited Away," this song can tell a story of any kind, a march to the castle, a frantic run for your life, a simple summer's morning. Anything is truly possible while listening to it.

The following music videos has to have one of the most interesting storylines of any music video I have ever watched. I don't want to give any story away, but let's just say, the better the story, the more interesting a song suddenly becomes.