You are on a three-day trip in a foreign town for spring break from your university. Your communications professor gave an extra credit assignment that anyone who goes on a trip during spring break is to make a penpal out of someone they meet there. You are hoping to make a friend and then-penpal in the three days you are here.

You must raise a high enough friendship with the other character to achieve being friends/penpals. The friendship meter will raise (indicated by stars) when you converse with the other character, depending on the degree of success of the interaction.

You also have a limited number of actions to use per day. Be careful how you use them or else you may not make as much friendship progress as you’d like!

Actions Remaining: [#]
Day: [#]

“Hi there! I haven’t seen you around before, so I’m assuming you’re not local.” She grins, kindly.

“You look like you might be a little lost too.” She points at the map in your hand.

”Can I help you with anything? I can recommend a few sites, if you’d like!”

”Well, for one thing, you should stop by my family’s cafe! We’re closed for the rest of today, but we’ll be open again tomorrow. Best pastries in the area---I guarantee it!” Mika playfully gives you a thumbs-up.

”Not to self-promote and dash, but I should be heading there now…” She pulls out a small notepad and a pen from her pocket and begins writing something. “...It’s oven cleaning day.” She dramatically slumps and shakes her head.

”Here you go: the address, and some street directions from where we are now.” She hands you the torn note.

”I’ll probably be tending the counter… but if not, just ask for Mika and someone will come get me!”

“Well, hello there!” Mika beams from behind the counter. “I’m surprised you still came even though it’s raining! Makes for a slow day, that’s for sure.” She giggles. ”So, what can I get for you?”

”Alrighty, give me just a moment!” Mika smiles at you and then turns to shuffle around at the rear counter. Soon enough, she returned to the register and placed your order down.

You hand her the amount of money that popped-up on the register, and she hands you your change and receipt with a smile.

”Typically, I’d recommend tourists visit the nearby park after buying treats from us, but that might be a bit of a slog on a day like today.” Mika pouts, looking out the window.

”Well, we appreciate the business!” She grins, before lowering her voice. “Sadly, though, tomorrow’s my day off, so I won’t be in.” She grabs a pen out of a mug next to the register, “Here, can I see your receipt real quick?” You slide the paper back to her, and she hunches over it to write something. “There you go, directions from here to the park. It’s pretty close, so don’t worry too much about getting lost!” She chuckles.

You smile at her, and then take a seat nearby to enjoy your treat. You chat briefly about the weather and mention that you’re only in the country for one more day.

Mika notices you’re finished, and she walks over and clears the table and chimes, ”You know, I could also show you this really pretty place in the park that has a bunch of field flowers growing. If there’s anything in the area that you should see before you leave, it’s that spot, if you ask me!” She stops for a moment to think. “I could just meet you at the entrance of the park, if that would work better!”

”See? Isn’t it beautiful! I’m glad it isn’t raining today.” Mika crouches down and sifts through a patch of flowers. “I hope seeing this secret little place makes the last day of your trip really special!”

”To be honest, I just can’t help but try to show anyone who visits our town around. There are so many wonderful things to see, at least to me. It’s my home, and I’ve always loved and adored it; I want people to see its character in its entirety and remember every bit of it when they get home.”

Mika smiles warmly in your direction, ”I hope you have a safe flight home tomorrow! I’ll be wishing for weather like today for your sake.”

You realize how late it is and part for the day. You head back to your hotel room and quickly fall asleep.

Are you sure you want to end the day?
This will discard today's remaining actions.

You and Mika really seemed to have bonded in the short time you talked with each other, so you asked her if she would be your penpal. She happily obliged, and you exchanged mail addresses. You spent the rest of your vacation continuting to talk and seeing sites.

Eventually, the two of you parted ways, and you had to hurry back to your hotel to pack-up your belongings before your flight home.

You flew home content in knowing you had a great vacation and secured the extra credit for your communications class. Excitedly, you began listing the things you could write letters to Mika about in your notebook.

You didn't have the chance to talk to your new acquaintence before your flight left early in the morning. While sitting on the plane, you find yourself somewhat saddened that you may never get to chat with her again. While you may not have successfuly made a penpal, you hope that she will still remember you.