when the soot falls

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It came back.

The soot.

Sorry, Lilac. Is it okay if you help clean?

... I suppose.

Where should we start?

It's your room.

Yeah, but...

You've always been better at making decisions...

Shouldn't you be more independent?

Well, whateves. Just know you owe me, Daff.

Since you're already at your desk,
why don't we start there?

Makes sense to clean where
I'm the most active!

Next up, your closet!

I bet there's waaay
more soot in there.


Honestly, that's not giving
me a lot of hope.

Alright, last but not least, your shelves.

Are we done yet?

I just wanted
to hang out, honestly.


Look at what
I found!

It's Gardenia!

She's still as CUTE
as ever!

I thought I'd
lost her forever!


I-- I can't...

I can't do this

Soot hasn't fallen
for years.

Are you doing this
to taunt me?


Whatever it is that
you're seeing?

It's not real.

I can't see what you see.

Do you even see me
the same way that
I see myself?

I'm NOT that little BABY Lilac
from years ago!

I've been doing
for you.

Really. I have.

All this, though?

I can't keep pretending
that everything's okay.

There's no soot on this.

It's in terrible condition.

You've had it for years.

I'm sorry, Daff.
I really am.

It's time to grow up.


Where did you go?

Why don't I
know you anymore?

What happened to being
best friends?

All I wanted...
Was to grow up with you...

when the soot falls

produced by synia khunprachansri