The Digital Book: Design, Structure and Annotation

A project presented by Will Luers and the students of DTC 338.

About the Digital Book

The final project of DTC 338: Digital Publishing is a collaborative publication about some aspect of the emerging field. This year (summer 2015), students wrote, built and published a multi-format book about design strategies, book structure and annotation tools in the creation of digital books. The publication is a material demonstration and artful distillation of the ideas explored in discussions, blog posts, readings and creative projects. Students designed the various formats of the book, using the Adobe Suite and the Scalar platform, contributed content and ideas, collected outside quotes, image examples and resources.

"'HEY GUYS COME OVER HERE AND TELL ME WHICH COLOR SCHEME YOU LIKE BEST.' This is what I’m happiest with. It’s not one person taking on a massive design or project all by themselves, but spreading the responsibilities between people that feel the most comfortable with them."
- Lindsey Parker, student

"It was satisfying to take part in the process of transforming plain text into chunked, readable, and visual appealing compositions."
- Caleb Carroll, student

The Creative Media and Digital Culture Program

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