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Robert Arellano

Robert Arellano is the founding director of the Center for Emerging Media — Digital Arts at Southern Oregon University and the author of seven novels including Sunshine '69. As an undergraduate at Brown in the 1980s and a graduate student and faculty member in the 1990s, he collaborated on some of the university’s earliest research and course development in humanities computing, TA’ing Robert Coover’s first hypertext fiction workshop and and later taking over as lead instructor of the electronic writing program until 2003. In 2014, the Oregon Arts Commission awarded him the state's Literary Fellowhip in Fiction, and last year he was a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellow.

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Sunshine '69


About Sunshine '69


"In this hypertext novel Bobby Rabyd [Robert Arellano] explores the pop-cultural shadow-side of 1969—from the moon landing to the Manson murders, from a Vietnam veteran's PTSD to a rock star's idolatry, from the love-in at Woodstock to the murder at Altamont—by relating intermixed stories and emphasizing graphics and music."—ELMCIP Knowledge Base

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