Sepand Ansari & Raschin Fatemi


Sepand Ansari has B.S of Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Tehran with focus on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, currently studying Media Studies at The New School, New York. His interests include media theory and spatiality and temporality of media.

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Raschin Fatemi has a MFA in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts. In her works she explores the spatial qualities of cyberspace and investigates new modes of interactions and navigations on web.

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WAITING FOR GWODOT - A Tragicomedy in HTML,” a remediation of Beckett’s play, is a web based hypertext generation that employs searching instead of linking for relating pieces/sections of text. It could be considered as a proposal for a practical hypertext generation tool and/or Net art.

WAITING FOR GWODOT - A Tragicomedy in HTML,”

by Sepand Ansari & Raschin Fatemi