Philippe Bootz


Philippe Bootz was born in 1957 and holds a doctorate in physics and in sciences of information and communication.  He is a Senior Lecturer at the University Paris8, a member of the laboratory Paragraphe and of the laboratory Music and Computing of Marseille (MIM). He has authored computing poetry since 1978 and is the publisher of the digital journal alire.  He is co-founder in 1988 of the group L.A.I.R.E and in 2003 of the group Transitoire Observable.  He has written numerous articles and books about electronic literature, including « Regarding Digital Literature », Caïetele echinox vol. 20, 2011 and Regards Croisés : perspectives on digital literature, Morgantown : West Virginia University Press, 2010. He has long created works of digital poetry such as "les amis sur le seuil" (with Frémiot Marcel), published in bleuOrange (

“petite brosse à dépoussiérer la fiction" (small brush to dust off fiction is a generative piece written in French. A scene of thriller is generated at each time you run the program or ask for a new scene. This scene explores different possibilities of a scenario. But the reader must continually "dust" a picture that covers the text while reading. The text is a pastiche: the scene is located at a time in a single location. Some features happen out of this room, they are computed by  the program but not expressed into the narrative. The piece begins with some "adapted" poems by Jean de La Fontaine.

“petite brosse à dépoussiérer la fiction" (“small brush to dust off fiction”)

by Philippe Bootz