Alison Clifford & Graeme Truslove


Alison Clifford is a new-media artist based in Glasgow. Her artistic practice is concerned with the process of translation between different forms of visual media, exploring the creative possibilities of what might be lost or gained through such interpretation. Her output includes net-art, interactive works and audiovisual installations. She has exhibited widely in various international new-media festivals and exhibitions, and has received a BAFTA nomination for her work. Most recently, she was commissioned by Brian Stefans to create work for his “Third Hand Plays” series at SFMOMA. Her work is included in the Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2.

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Graeme Truslove (PhD) is a composer and performer based in Glasgow, Scotland.  His output includes: electroacoustic and instrumental compositions, theatre sound design, audio-visual installations and improvisation (performing on guitar and laptop).  His work is largely concerned with conflicts between intuitive performance and the fixed-medium, often exploring how fixed-medium expressive and structural possibilities can be integrated into improvised performance and vice versa.  His approach integrates multiple strata of musical time, ranging from macrostructure down to the formation of timbre itself.  Truslove’s work has been performed internationally, and has attracted various awards, most recently 1st prize in Métamorphoses 2010, Belgium.

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“Palimpsest” (2011) involves two distinct narratives, audio and visual, that collide to find alternative paths and perspectives around a virtual light sculpture.

“Substratum” (2010) is an audiovisual artwork exploring the space between abstract image and sound.


by Alison Clifford & Graeme Truslove


by Alison Clifford & Graeme Truslove