Roderick Coover, Nick Montfort & Scott Rettberg


Roderick Coover teaches Film and Media Arts at Temple University, Philadelphia. Coover makes films, interactive cinema, installations and webworks. Some of his latest projects include the interactive series Unknown Territories ( about exploration in the American West ( and the edited book Switching Codes: Thinking Through Digital Technology In The Humanities And Arts (Chicago 2011). A pioneer in interactive documentary arts and poetics, his works are distributed through Video Data Bank, DER, Eastgate Systems and elsewhere. You can learn more about his work at

Scott Rettberg teaches digital culture in the department of linguistic, literary, and aesthetic studies at the University of Bergen. Rettberg is the author or coauthor of novel-length works of electronic literature including The Unknown, Kind of Blue, and Implementation. Rettberg is the cofounder and served as the first executive director of the nonprofit Electronic Literature Organization, and is currently the project leader of the HERA-funded research project, ELMCIP: Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice ( 

Nick Montfort is associate professor of digital media at MIT and president of the Electronic Literature Organization. He develops text generators and interactive fiction and has participated in dozens of literary and academic collaborations. Montfort co-edited The New Media Reader and The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 1 and wrote Twisty Little Passages, Implementation (with Scott Rettberg), Racing the Beam (with Ian Bogost), and Riddle & Bind. His next book, 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10, is a collaboration with nine other authors about a one-line Commodore 64 BASIC program. You can learn more about his work at

“Three Rails Live” (2011) by Roderick Coover, Nick Montfort, and Scott Rettberg is an experiment in combinatory poetics, a generative system that results in the production of short narrative videos, stories with a moral to them. 

“Three Rails Live,”

Roderick Coover, Scott Rettberg, Nick Montfort

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