Brian Evans


Brian Evans is a digital artist and composer. For twenty-five years he has been experimenting with the integration of image and sound. His artwork and music animations are exhibited and screened internationally, including recent performances at Disney Hall in Los Angeles, the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia as part of the 2011 ACM conference on Creativity and Cognition, and the Angelica Gallery in Rome, Italy in conjunction with the Generative Art Conference, 2011. He publishes and presents extensively on his research, including the recent article “Materials of the Data Map,” in The International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics.


Evans holds a DMA from the University of Illinois and an MFA from CalArts He directs the digital media program in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Alabama.

The music/animation, “arlequi,” is a digital map, a metaphor connecting the sensory divide as image and audio derive from the same numeric source, creating a visual music in a synaesthetic counterpoint.


by Brian Evans