Grégory Fabre


Grégory Fabre was born in Paris,France, and has been living and working in Montreal since 2006. After studying at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts de Paris-Cergy, he specialized in interactive media and obtained an MA in Hypermedia (Hypermedia DESS Paris 8). Gregory has carried out a three-year PhD project (Computer Science) between Quebec and France while accomplishing artistic achievements leading him to multiple exhibitions presented in Europe and in North America.

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A character appears, evolves in an undefined area and breaks as soon as it is stressed. The spreaded accumulation of the same symbol gives a shape to the character. Composing its frantic <body>, the sequence of texts gives life to it. The form is moving to the rhythm of fluctuating sequences. The projection screen is the only marker provided. A series of anecdotes - in which places, genres and identities are mutable - are grafted onto the scene and mingle with the scene. In the background appears the translated sequence of texts in Morse code. Combinations of (text + animations & sounds) are linked, but undefined. Each visit is an opportunity for a new beginning, a new view, and a new interpretation. The course of sequences may be disturbed when clicking on one of the fragments forming the character's body.

“Oblique or /,”

by Grégory Fabre