Megan Heyward


Megan Heyward is an Australian media artist and educator whose works operate at the intersection of narrative and new media. More recently she has been working with locative technologies, and is currently undertaking a doctorate, “Pilgrim,” exploring locative media, pilgrimage and practices of walking landscape. Her upcoming location based narrative, “Notes for Walking,” will be exhibited at Middle Head naval forts in Sydney in late 2012. She is also developing a new electronic literature project designed specifically for tablet devices. Megan is a Senior Lecturer in Media Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney.

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“Of Day, Of Night”  (2003) is a major interactive narrative exploring the fluid, recombinant nature of memory and dream experience. Funded by the Australian Film Commission and published by Eastgate Systems, “Of Day, Of Night” is a textual, filmic and interactive hybrid that has been recognised for its lush visual and aural landscapes, its rich user experience and its innovative fusion of literary, filmic and interactive aesthetics. It has been exhibited in Australia, Europe, Japan and the US, and won high commendations in awards including the Australian Festival Awards for Literature and the Australian Interactive Media Industry Awards- Best Arts & Cultural Project category.

In “Of Day, Of Night”  a woman has lost the ability to dream. Setting herself a series of creative tasks, she attempts to start dreaming again. Collecting found objects from various locations in the Day, and imagining their fictional traces and histories, the objects and their stories eventually collide, transmute and create new meanings in the dream environment of Night.

“Of Day Of Night,”

by Megan Heyward