Yong Hun Kim


Yong Hun Kim is a Korea-based artist who studied visual art in Australia and Culture Technology in Korea. His practice encompasses an extended range of photomedia from conventional photographic works to computational photography and media visualization.

The Aleph is his initial project attempting to observe and understand the world through photographs on the Web. The Aleph system collects photographs tagged with certain words or phrases, extracts a given number of faces from them, and composes a collective face in realtime. "10000 Faces at Funeral, The Aleph" and "10000 Faces at Birthday Party, The Aleph" are companion pieces created by the system using 10,000 faces extracted from photos tagged 'funeral' and 'birthday party,' respectively.

To learn more about his work, go to http://kimyonghun.com/31/31.htm

“10,000 Faces at Funeral, The Aleph,”

by Yong Hun Kim


“10,000 Faces at Birthday Party, The Aleph,”

by Yong Hun Kim