LAinundacion is a collective of mostly L.A.-based authors who create the L.A. Flood platform, write the fictional narratives that are pinned to exact geospatial coordinates, and tweet the flood simulation.  Creators: Jeremy Douglass, Juan B. Gutierrez, Jeremy Hight, Mark C. Marino, and Lisa Anne Tao.  Writers: Ann Carlson, Nzingha Clarke, Sean Keith Henry, Jeremy Hight, Roberto Leni, Daniel A. Olivas, Laura Press, Abel Salas, Kevin Schaaf, Lisa Ann Tao, Nancy E. Taylor;. Voices: Percival Arcibal (Sonny Barstow), Kim B (Tia), Matisha Baldwin (Leticia West), Dustin Balderrama (Mike Thorouhill, Sky Runner), Jim Holmes (Narrator, Austin Grant, Prof. Sid), James Hurd (Rev. Les. R. Fretten, Travis Barabbas Kingsilver), Roberto Leni (Manny Velasco),Lizzy Murray (Chloe), Michelle Ortiz (Elizabeta), Abel Salas (Manny Velasco).

“L.A. Flood” is a locative media experience about a fictional flood hitting Los Angeles in three stages over the course of several days.  Timed to simulate the devastating effects of a real flood, “L.A. Flood” plays out in fictional first-person narrations—many of them audio recorded—and geolocated to exact spots. Anyone can participate in the Twitterfiction that plays out simultaneously in real time by tagging tweets #LAFlood. Most recent installations include one for the L.A. Times Festival of Books (May 2011) and one for a Visions and Voices event at the University of Southern California (Oct. 2011).

“LA Flood,”

by LAinundacion