Eric LeMay


Eric LeMay is the author of Immortal Milk: Adventures in Cheese (Free Press, 2010) and The One in the Many (Zoo Press, 2003).  He has taught at Harvard, Columbia, the University of Chicago, and is currently on the faculty at Ohio University.  He serves as an editor for the New Ohio Review and Alimentum: The Literature of Food.  His work has appeared in The Nation, The Harvard Review, The Paris Review, Gastronomica, Poetry Daily, and the Best Food Writing series.  His latest electronic work—a mashup of text and archival footage entitled Resistible: A Comic Memoir about Comedy—has been excerpted by the New Delta Review and Narrative Magazine

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“Losing the Lottery” is an essay that takes up the most common experience of the playing the lottery and also includes a virtual chance to play, one which lets readers try their numbers at the rate of about 100 games—and $100—per second, keeping a tally of wins and losses that amounts to an argument about loss and hope.
“Mondrian Mood” is a lyric hybrid that enters into and animates Mondrian’s art to create a portrait of the inner eye and I.

“Still Life” is a lyric hybrid that combines a triolet, recordings of a heartbeat and a ticking clock, and Eadweard J. Muybridge’s famous motion studies to explore the experiences of linear, circular, and biological time. 

“Losing the Lottery,”

by Eric LeMay

“Mondrian Mood,”

by Eric LeMay

“Still Life,”

by Eric LeMay