Will Luers, Roger Dean, & Hazel Smith


Will Luers is a visiting professor at the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver where he teaches multimedia authoring, video production and mobile app design. His current research and artistic interests are in database narratives, remix video and the multimedia book. In 2010, he was awarded the The Vectors-NEH Summer Fellowship to work on his database documentary, The Father Divine Project. 

You can learn more his work at http://will-luers.com.

Prof. Hazel Smith is a professor with the Writing and Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney. 

You can learn more about her work at www.australysis.com, and the site “The Erotics of Geography: poetry, performance texts, new media works,” http://www.tinfishpress.com/erotics.html

Roger Dean is a composer-improviser, and pianist/computer performer. He was based in London (UK) until 1989, when he migrated to Australia. He has worked extensively on the European scene, as well as in Asia, Australasia, and North America. He studied the double bass with Eugene Cruft and was Principal bass in the National Youth Orchestra (UK). He gave a solo performance at the Wigmore Hall at the age of 15. He played bass with European groups such as the Berliner Band, London Sinfonietta, Music Projects/London, Nash Ensemble, Sonant, Spectrum, London Jazz Composers' Orchestra, and the BBC SymphonY Orchestra. He has given premieres of many works for solo double bass (e.g. Bush, Bussotti, Feldman, Ferneyhough, Finnissy, Henze, Holmboe, Kagel, Knussen, Lovendie, Nicholson, Wallace, Xenakis) and many have been written for him. He has also been keyboard player with other ensembles (such as the Wallace Collection) and has worked extensively as accompanist with Hazel Smith (violin), John Wallace(trumpet), Peter Jenkin (clarinet) and also with Gerald English (tenor). He was the keyboard player with the eminent European jazz group Graham Collier Music between 1974 and 1988, rejoining them regularly since, most recently in 2004 for the London Jazz Festival. He has played both bass and piano with Sydney Alpha Ensemble, and was amongst their featured soloists in 1995. He formed the European group LYSIS in 1970.

Film of Sound” is a semiotic surface, a skin of image and text on the body of sound. Constructed out of collaborative, indeterminate and remix processes, layers and juxtapositions of disparate media hint at a narrative trajectory — a sleeping man, an evening in a hotel room, and a journey across vast and challenging spaces. But the incipient narrative constantly breaks down into disordered memories of violence and repression, undefined threats, splintered subjectivities, analog and digital glitches.

10 minute, single channel video

Artists: Roger Dean, Will Luers and Hazel Smith

an australLYSIS commission

“Film of Sound,”

by Will Luers, Roger Dean, and Hazel Smith