Lello Masucci


Lello Masucci is an artist who since 1990 has focused on new technologies with a special interest in research in the field of digital technologies, computer networks, internet and aesthetics of information and communication electronics and digital. In the early 1990s he implemented one of the first internet provider in southern Italy: dim; today, disappeared. It begins with pioneering research on the aesthetic possibilities of communication and its implications on a possible theory of Electronic Literature.  He is a pioneer, studying a variety of programming languages: Python, Lingo, Html, xml, javascript, actionscript, etc. In addition to the study of digital processing programs such as Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut, Director, Flash, File Maker, Blender, Archicad, xPress, InDesign, Illustrator, FreeHand, etc.

His research results are strongly related to the theatrical concepts of interactivity in both analog and digital. In 2000, he presented an installation based on internet connections that bring a scene on the net (theatre play) that takes place simultaneously in Naples and New York, "On the air". This initiative constitutes the starting point for a series of theatrical experiences that borrow theater, the internet, the public and a new concept of participatory television address. Creator: Scenes of various software 1.0, Fabulandia, and games: horse racing, etc. progeta and the www.lellomasucci.net website that collects all works and its readership with the latest electronic literature which is among the best-known Italian scholars, so that is mentioned in numerous dissertations in communications science.

In 2009 he exhibited in a solo show at PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli (Electa catalogue), a series of works that explores the hybrid nature of analog and digital techniques techniques. Among these was the great worldwide success, "Poem night red," which is made by Internet users through a software implementation and that gives rise to a series of works on paper and a video installation at the same time on two European markets, Naples and Barcelona during the e-poetry 2009. Creator of 1 ° Convegno di Letteratura Elettronica in Italy, entitled "OLE workshop of Electronic Literature", collaborating with Dr. Giovanna Di Rosario for the realization of the Conference at the PAN on 20 and 21 January 2011.

You can learn more about his work at www.lellomasucci.net.

“i love you” is a love anthem in a world over every sort of difference. Poetry is made by lovers words. i love you. Just these words. It translated in all other languages between orange sails. It is a electronic poetry that present a featuring: an example of "poetry license" has got by an ActionScript programming error at base of the poetry program envelopment in Flash.

“i love you,”

by Lello Masucci