Pelayo Mendez


Pelayo Méndez (Asturias, 1977) graduated in Information Science at the University of Salamanca in 2002, specialising in Multimedia Resources. He also recently graduated in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature at the University of Barcelona. Currently based in Barcelona, he combines teaching and working as a multimedia programmer in art and literature. He has published several poems, articles and short stories in various online formats and developed digital works with visual artists. In 2011 he started producing his own works as an artist, combining the world of literature and creative writing with visual art by using code.

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Roman Jakobson defined the poetic function of language as being governed by principles of selection and order. Under this vision the poet is in charge of selecting and organising words in a particular way in order to achieve a poetic effect. “ACITEOP” is a programme that groups together different experimental tools used for constructing poetic narratives, both textual and visual, through the deconstruction of the poetic function of language using different algorithms.The result, which is different with each reading or interaction, is both a deconstructed text and a brand new piece of work generated from that same process of deconstruction.This first version is a simple example of the programme that creates a narrative based on text, sound and images, which begins with the deconstruction of the poem “Between What I See and What I Say” by Octavio Paz, who dedicated the poem to the Russian linguist Roman Jakobson after his death.


by Pelayo Mendez