Alexander Mouton


Alexander Mouton, MFA, has a background in film, literature, and photography.  He lived four years in Berlin directly following the fall of the Berlin Wall, during which time he was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship.  Alexander explores the possibilities time-based art has for non-linear narratives.  His processes include net art, interactive video installations, multimedia performances, and artists' books, many of which are in collections internationally including MoMA, NYC and the Kunst Bibliothek, Berlin.  Alexander's time-based media is part of's ArtBase and has been exhibited in SFcamerawork, the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, the Walker Art Center, Flash & Thunder 2010,, SpringgunPress, and the Electro-Fringe Festival among international venues.  Alexander is Assistant Professor of Art & Design at Seattle University.  

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“Passing Through” is a piece that  entails a linear nocturnal amble which juxtaposes still images with sounds of movement and unpopulated city locations with overheard conversations from the self same empty spaces. 

“Passing Through,”

by Alexander Mouton