Sally Rodgers & Steve Jones


Sally Rodgers & Steve Jones are sound artists, composers and performers. Their enduring collaboration includes many licensed works and their releases, under the artist name A Man Called Adam, are popular with electronic music fans around the world. As sound designers they have completed works for major museums including The British Museum, The Miraikan Museum, Tokyo and the BME. Their academic interests combine their twin passions, electroacoustic music and poetics, and Sally is in her final year of doctoral research into technology-led abstraction in oral and musical forms at the University of St Andrews. Steve’s research considers the musical potential of gesture and mobile technologies. They are currently experimenting with a concept using installation technology, which they loosely describe as ‘talking with spaces’. Improvising with the sounds of the space they’re in, and generating new sound, from recitation to the hidden sounds of obsolete technologies, they use real-time processing to create unique, audible discourses.  

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Based on Tennyson's dramatic poem, “Maud,” this work aims to link text, sound and image by means of algorithmic translation and seeks to reconnect text and technology for receivers in the digital age.


by Sally Rodgers & Steve Jones