Mark Sample


Mark Sample is a professor in the Department of English at George Mason University, where is he also an affiliated faculty member with GMU’s undergraduate Honors College, its Cultural Studies doctoral program, and the Center for History and New Media. Mark’s teaching and research focuses on contemporary fiction, electronic literature, and videogames. His examination of the representation of torture in videogames appeared in Game Studies, and his collaboratively written book about creative computing and Commodore 64 is forthcoming from MIT Press. Mark has work in Hacking the Academy, a crowdsourced scholarly book published by the digitalculturebooks imprint of the University of Michigan Press. Mark has recently remixed the entire text of Hacking the Academy as Hacking the Accident. Mark is a regular contributor to ProfHacker, a feature at the Chronicle for Higher Education that focuses on pedagogy and scholarly productivity, and he also writes for Play the Past, a collaboratively edited scholarly blog that explores the intersection of cultural heritage and games.

Mark can be found online at or on Twitter as @samplereality.

"Takei, George" is a remix of Nick Montfort's "Taroko Gorge," transforming Montfort's original meditative generative poem into a comment on pop culture, fandom, and contemporary politics.

“Takei Gorge,”

by Mark Sample