Graeme Truslove


Graeme Truslove (PhD) is a composer and performer based in Glasgow, Scotland.  His output includes: electroacoustic and instrumental compositions, film and theatre sound design, audio-visual art installations and improvisation (performing on guitar and/or laptop).  His work is largely concerned with conflicts between intuitive performance and the fixed-medium, often exploring how fixed-medium expressive and structural possibilities can be integrated into improvised performance and vice versa.  Truslove’s work is regularly performed at international centres and festivals for contemporary music, and has attracted various awards, including 1st prize in Métamorphoses 2010, Belgium. 

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Concrètisations X is a fixed-medium sonic artwork comprised of recorded improvisations, performed on a purpose-built software instrument.

“For me, one of the salient features of acousmatic composition is the capacity to compose the performance – where the composer-performer can form (or perform) a

concrete musical structure, whose every timbral and temporal detail can be reproduced from one concert to another.  This ability to capture, combine and idealise spontaneous performance was the catalyst behind Concrètisations.  I began composing the work by editing and combining several recorded improvisations.  I sought to preserve the performative energy and micro-level developmental characteristics of the original recordings, whilst further enhancing them using combinations of montage and real-time signal processing techniques.  The original improvisations were performed on an interactive software instrument, which is the real-time implementation of processes used in some of my earlier pieces.”

“Concrètisations X”

by Graeme Truslove

(not available online)