I would like to thank the Paul Watkins Art Gallery manager Roger Boulay and the Art Department at Winona State University for support for this exhibition. Their faith and willingness to share this venue and resources with me is very much appreciated.

Many thanks also go to my colleague and friend Davin Heckman, faculty member in the department of Mass Communication for recommending me to Roger and the Art Department to curate this exhibit and to coordinate it with the International Digital Media Arts Associaton annual conference taking place at Winona State University. And so many thanks also go to faculty members, Chunlok Mah and Ken Graetz for their support.

I would be remiss in not mentioning the support provided by Winona State University's University Theme Committee, its Art and Design Department, and Mass Communication Department. Thank you, all!

I was fortunate that the many talented students in ChunLok Mah's art course created the logo and develop the design elements needed for the exhibit including the announcement card and this website. Their excellent work speaks for itself. Thank you to Jacob Fernholz, Ashley Lawlor, Jordan McNurlin, Kari Middendorf, Emma Tomb, Kate Zdon, and Emma Zmolek.

Appreciation always goes to the artists who entrust their work to others to present to the public. Many of the artists in this show I have exhibited before and so know the care I take with my work, but others are working with me for the first time. I am grateful for their faith.

I am always grateful to my university, Washington State University Vancouver, for the resources it provides me for my research. The curatorial plan generates from lab space it has given me, particularly the Maker Space and the Electronic Literature Lab both part of the Creative Media & Digital Culture program. The university also graciously provides me with a brilliant full-time technical and instructional staff member, Greg Philbrook, who has helped me track down tech I need for this exhibit and given me help with some of the issues I had with the coding for this archival site. You are, as always, my hero.