Down Time

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New Condition

Copy published by Eastgate Systems,Inc. on CD-ROM in 2000.

Grigar purchased this copy from Eastgate Systems, Inc. for use in the lab. This is a later Eastgate Systems, Inc. publication that did not originate in a diskette format. It was published without the usual folio. Its packaging is reminiscent of music CDs. Contains CD. Unopened and in mint condition.

Tested and working on the following operating systems:

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    Rob Swigart

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    Eastgate Systems, Inc.




    "'Down Time' consists of twenty-one stories of the computer age, connected by shared characters, events and objects. A police officer, a terminal patient, a computer technician, and a high-school guidance counselor are just a few of the characters we follow as they try (and fail) to understand themselves, their lovers, and the strangers they meet."--Electronic Literature Directory

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