The Dickens Web

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Broken Condition

Copy published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. on 3.5in Floppy Disk in 1992.

Grigar received this copy from N. Katherine Hayles for the "Early Authors of Electronic Literature: The Eastgate School, Voyager Artists, and Independent Productions" exhibit held in conjunction with the ELO 2008 Conference & Media Arts Show that Grigar curated. Filed under "Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext Volume 2, Number 3". Published with Jim Rosenberg's "Diffractions Through". Gray floppy disks are for Windows and black and blue floppy disks are for Mac. Contains manual, 1 Mac floppy disk, Eastgate poster advertisement, and registration card. Floppy label is dirty. Text ink from "The Dickens Web" manual is on the inside of the folio and has made it sticky. The manual pages stick together. The floppy disk has read errors.

Tested and working on the following operating systems:

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      George P. Landow

      First Published


      Original Publisher

      Eastgate Systems, Inc.




      "An open, richly interlinked web of Dickens' world, 'The Dickens Web' is designed to be extensible and adaptable. 'The Dickens Web' is the landmark of the great experiment in hypertextual teaching and research begun by Landow and others in the Intermedia project at Brown. Perhaps the best-known pedagogical hypertext, 'The Dickens Web' remains among the finest examples of hypertextual scholarship."--Eastgate Systems, Inc.

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