Skate or Die

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Like New Condition

Published by Electronic Arts,Ultra Games on 3.5in Floppy Disk in 1988.

Grigar received this copy from Sarah Smith for use in the Electronic Literature Lab in 2017. Contains one 3.5in floppy. Hand-written sticker label on 3.5in floppy.

Runs on the following systems.


      Electronic Arts and Konami

      First Published


      Original Publisher

      Electronic Arts,Ultra Games




      "In the style of the Epyx 'Games' series, players can compete in five different skateboarding events, either individually or sequentially. When the events are challenged sequentially, up to eight players could sign up to participate. The original Commodore 64 version was created by Michael Kosaka, Stephen Landrum and David Bunch. This group of programmers had previously been at Epyx and worked on the early 'Games' titles. The idea for the game came from Producer Don Traeger, who had been inspired by a coin-operated skateboarding game from Atari called 720[degrees]."--Wikipedia