Macintosh SE (FDHD) "Sheckil"

Manufactured by Apple in 1988. Currently running System Software 7.0.1. Donated by Jeff Grisso. Currently owned by Dene Grigar.


There is a male DE-09 (9-pin) subminiature on the back. Not sure if this is for video or not.


  • Processor: 8 Mhz
  • Installed RAM: 1,024KB
  • Video Output:
  • Media Drives: 3.5in Floppy Disk

Notable Software

Currently has the following software installed:

  • a story
  • Afternoon
  • Heart of Darkness
  • MacCalligraphy v2.0
  • MacDraft v1.2b
  • MacDraw II v1.1
  • Microsoft Works v2.00b
  • MS Word v4.0
  • PosterMaker Plus v2.5
  • SuperPaint v2.0
  • TeachText v7.0