Internal Copies


Good Condition

Published by on 5.25in Floppy Disk in 1980.

This disk is designed to accompany the book "32 Basic Programs for the Apple Computer". The book is not in our collection.

Tested and working on the following operating systems:


      Dilithium Software

      First Published



      Applications Programs: Biorhythm, Checkbook, Decide, Loan, Mileage, Exam; Educational Programs: Arithmetic, Flashcard, Metric, Numbers, Tachist, Vocab; Game Programs: Decode, Groan, Jot, Obstacle, Roadrace, Wari; Graphics: Kaleido, Sparkle, Squares, Walloons; Mathematics: Curve, Diffeqn, Graph, Intergrate, Simeqn, Stats; Misc: Birthday, PI, Powers, Pythag