a virtual reality experience

You find that you’re falling into the pages of a book. Not metaphorically, the way you do with a beloved story. No, to your disbelief and terror, you are literally plunging into swirling depths of text, away from reality and head-first into the literary world of Oz. When you land, you quickly realize you have replaced Dorothy as the protagonist in Frank L. Baum’s beloved tale. Experience the story in a way you never have before and traverse The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with your own two legs to find the way back home.


game concept

You find that you’re falling into the pages of a book. Not metaphorically, the way you do with a beloved story. No, to your disbelief and terror, you are literally plunging into swirling depths of text, away from reality and head-first into the literary world of Oz. When you land, you quickly realize you have replaced Dorothy as the protagonist in Frank L. Baum’s beloved tale. Experience the story in a way you never have before and traverse The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with your own two legs to find the way back home.


Virtual Reality Adventure. Set in the literary fantasy world of Oz, the game will capture the whimsical tone of the well-known story but with a special emphasis on the darker motifs from the original novel.

look & feel

The game is a whimsical 3D virtual environment that feels as fantastical as it does real. Although there are human and humanoid characters, Oz is still a land outside of reality and that magic and surrealism is visually apparent in the world and its inhabitants. The environment is somewhat open-area, so the player has the freedom to explore within the confines of each level, but must stay near the guided narrative path.

game flow summary

The player moves through the game by interacting with items, the environment, and characters in order to solve puzzles that allow them to progress through the events of the original novel. The game consists of 6 chapters, or levels, that the player advances through linearly. Maud, the player’s winged monkey companion, helps keep the player along the narrative path, preventing them from wandering too far. Obstacles from the story, like a field of sleepy poppies or those pesky winged monkeys, are reproduced as a basis for the game’s puzzles. The ability to move on to the next chapter in the story or area in the game is blocked until the puzzles are solved.


story & narrative

Back Story: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a well-known and well-loved story but is better known for its 1939 cinematic retelling that introduced the world to color television. Despite the number of times the story of Oz has been adapted, the newer versions rarely retell Baum’s original plot and always attempt to put their own spin on the events. Into Oz is a faithful retelling, one that the player would expect to find if they were to fall right into the book’s pages.

Plot: After plunging into the land of Oz, the player finds themselves in a strange and unfamiliar country. They are quickly introduced to a furry flying companion by the name of Maud who assists them in their journey. As the player ventures on, they encounter other natives of Oz who decide to also accompany the player on their way to the Emerald City as they seek out the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Together, they all join forces in order to solve the challenges before them and proceed forward.

Game Progression: The player moves from one area to the next by completing puzzles with the help of their companion(s). Each challenge they face offers a unique perspective and skillset to lend to the player’s cause as they travel from one area to the next. Communication and collaboration plays a key role in traversing this strange new land.

Cut scene(s): Beginning in the “real world,” the player navigates around their bedroom until they come across a book on a nearby table. Across the cover, they can see the title of the book. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum. As they pick up the book and open its pages, the first cinematic is triggered, showing the room around them beginning to shake and the player being sucked into the pages of the book in a flash.

In the next scene, the player’s vision appears to blink and they look around at a colorful and otherworldly. After a few seconds the cut scene draws to a close and the player resumes control.

game world

Into Oz is a whimsical 3D virtual environment that feels as fantastical as it does real. Although there are human and humanoid characters, Oz is still a land outside of reality. Magic and surrealism is visually apparent in the world its inhabitants.

The world itself is full of vibrant colors, and lively creatures, both friend and foe alike. The various lands and areas that the player can explore exude different qualities and tones, making it easy for the player to identify which areas may be friendly or which may be under the control of a wicked witch.

~ Don’t forget: follow the yellow brick road! Only then will you find your way home. ~

area descriptions

The player begins by falling into the first chapter of the book, arriving promptly at the Munchkin City. Here, the player meets the Munchkins, who welcome the player with open arms for causing the demise of the Wicked Witch of the East simply from being cast into their world.

The player meets one of their companions and then is forced to find a key of some sort in order to open the gate that blocks their way forward. Only after solving a puzzle can they locate the key and proceed to the next chapter, as they follow The Yellow Brick Road. Just as the name implies, chapter two takes the player down a road paved of yellow bricks. Along the way, the player passes by a farmer’s field, travels through a lightly wooded area, and then ventures deep into a forest where the trees are far more densely populated.

After leaving the forest, the player can see The Emerald City’s white glow in the distance, but is faced by a ravine to large to cross. Working collectively with their companions, the player creates a way across and is able to reach the gates of The Emerald City, though still unable to enter without a specified item that is said to have been dropped in a nearby field. The player must find the item, and after doing so is allowed within the city. There, they meet a woman who introduces herself as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and promptly instructs the player to prove themself by killing the other remaining Wicked Witch, The Witch of the West.

Taking that command, the player must venture to The Castle of The Witch of the West in order to find a way in which to dispose of her, per the Wizard’s instructions. Only then can the player and their companions return to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in The Emerald City to have their own requests fulfilled. However, after doing as instructed and returning to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, they tell the Great Wizard of their deeds only hear no word back in return. The player, after discovering the man behind the curtain, learns of the Witch of the South and how she is the most powerful of all the Witches. Oz granted the companions each of their requests but is unable to grant the player the ability to travel home.

The player is then directed toward the Witch of the South who resides in Quadling Country.


Maud, the Winged Monkey

Gender: Female

Appearance: With rich brown fur and agile features, Maud looks as ordinary as any other monkey...except for the minor detail that this monkey comes with a pair of her own wings. The wings themselves resemble that of a bat, with small claws at the ends. Adorned on her head lies a small red fez with a golden tassel dangling out the tippity top. There lies a small scar above her right eye, ever so narrow and fine, perhaps originating from a disagreement amongst one of her fellow winged monkeys. It is best not to forget that while Maud may present her allegiance to you, she is also an animal, bringing forth her own challenges and affordances along the way.

Animations: You may occasionally notice Maud picking fleas from her fur or snapping her tail around as she flies through the air. If she gets tired, she may land on the ground and walk for a short spell, or ride atop one of the other party members until there is further need of her abilities.

Abilities: Maud can climb and fly in order to access objects and areas that may be out of reach to the other party members. She is intelligent and can easily understand what is being asked of her as long as she is properly directed. Since she has thumbs, this also makes her a convenient companion to have along for those times when she needs to grab an item that may be too distant for the player to reach.

Relevance: Formerly indentured to the Witch of the West, and native of the land of Oz, Maud has a unique perspective and awareness on how and where to travel. Some places may be more welcoming than others, or inaccessibly at times, so it is important to pay attention and follow Maud’s guidance throughout Oz.

Relationship(s): Maud is a companion to the visitor of Oz (the player), and a former winged monkey of the Witch of the West. As the player travels further around Oz and gathers more companions, Maud remains in the party, but only holds loyalty to the player/character with the hat.

Back Story: Maud was under the power of the Wicked Witch of the East up until the point when the Witch was crushed by her own castle. Grateful to the player for freeing her, Maud decides to join them on their journey to the Emerald City to seek out the Wizard of Oz.

The Scarecrow

Gender: Male

Appearance: The Scarecrow is dressed in baggy clothes of neutral colors, with numerous, more colorful patches of cloth spotting all over from repairs that had been made. The top of his head has been covered in dyed straw to resemble that of hair, giving him a more lifelike appearance. With hollow eyes and a thinly packed body, this scarecrow is the very definition of scraggly.

Animations: Not all the patches in the Scarecrow’s clothes have been stitched well, so from time to time the Scarecrow may have bits of straw or grain falling out of a loose area or hole.

Abilities: The Scarecrow assists the player at times when they may be stuck or confused on how to proceed. Asking the Scarecrow will generally provide the player with a tip on what to do or where to go next.

Relevance: The Scarecrow is one of the key companions. He provides useful tips and hints to help the player on their journey, though he himself hopes to get brains from the Wizard.

Relationship(s): After being saved from the vicious pecking of crows, the Scarecrow joins the player on their journey to find The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Back Story: Just as many Scarecrows are, he was propped up in a farmer’s field to ward off crows but instead was pecked at incessantly by them until the player came along and pulled him down.

Tin Woodman

Gender: Male

Appearance: As his name states, the Tin Woodman is a man made of tin. Each part of his body was specially crafted piece by piece from a tinsmith. He wields a woodcutter’s axe, remnant from his former life.

Animations: With the Tin Woodman comes not only his axe, but also an oilcan to ease those rusty parts. Water has a tendency to create rust pretty quickly, causing the Tin Woodman’s movements to gradually grow stiff and creaky. When the player selects the oilcan for use, the Tin Woodman will rotate his joints to see if they’re well lubricated.

Abilities: By using his axe, the Tin Woodman can cut objects and foes as well as intimidate them by wielding it.

Relevance: The Tin Woodman assists the player with any and all chopping needs. After the player loosens up the Tin Woodman’s joints with the oilcan, he decides to accompany them to the Emerald City.

Relationship(s): The Tin Woodman is one of the key companions who accompanies the player to find The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as he himself seeks a heart to feel again the love he has lost.

Back Story: Formerly a Woodman in the land of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the East was bribed to curse the Woodman’s axe. Piece by piece, his axe chopped off limbs, and piece by piece the tinsmith would forge a new arm and leg to replace them, until one day his head was chopped. The tinsmith crafted a new head for him and all that was left was his body and eventually the axe also chopped that off. The tinsmith found him and crafted yet again a part to replace it, putting the Woodman back together. But for all of the things he crafted for the Woodman, he forgot to give him a heart, and so the Woodman lost his love for the Munchkin girl he had fallen for.

Now that he was made of tin, when his metal got wet, rust would build up. One day while chopping wood, his joints grew stiff and he froze in place unable to move, until the time came when the player discovers the Tin Woodman and oils his joints to release him from his frozen state.

Cowardly Lion

Gender: Male

Appearance: The Cowardly Lion is a large, four-legged, male African lion.

Animations: Being the cowardly lion he is, he can usually be seen with his tail tucked between his legs, or flicking ever so slightly from side to side.

Abilities: He can carry and move heavy objects that may be blocking the player’s path. If the Cowardly Lion roars at an enemy, it has a chance to temporarily stun them.

Relevance: Again, one of the key companions that the player meets along the way. The Cowardly Lion seeks an audience with the Wizard, hoping he will be able to give him Courage so that he won’t be so cowardly anymore.

Relationship(s): The Cowardly Lion is a companion to the player whom they acquire last along the Yellow Brick Road as they travel toward the Emerald City.

Back Story: Whenever the Cowardly Lion were to roar, all manner of creature and man would run and fear. He recognizes himself as a coward but learned from a young age that even if he is afraid, if he roars, everything runs in terror from him.

The Wizard

Gender: Male

Appearance: The Wizard firstly appears as a woman before the group, and secondarily appears as a man, or the man behind the curtain after he’s been discovered.

Animations: His form will change as long as he is using his contraption behind the curtain. Once discovered, he becomes rather timid, often scratching his bald head and smiling sheepishly at the group.

Abilities: The Great Wizard, Oz, is said to have the power to take on any form he wishes. He is a scientist and thusly performs “surgeries” of a sort on the companions of the player per their request for the desired quality or items they wished to gain.

Relevance: It is also said that the Wizard can grant and achieve anything, though the player learns the reality of that rumor shortly after returning to the Emerald City the second time after the encounter with the Wicked Witch of the West.

Relationship(s): The Wizard is the ruler of the Emerald City (until his identity is discovered), and grants each of the companions (except Maud) their desired requests.

Back Story: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, or Oz, the Great and Terrible, is the ruler of the land of Oz and resides in the Emerald City.

The Witch of the West

Gender: Female

Appearance: This Wicked Witch has green skin and brown hair. One eye has a swirl of colors ever changing, expressing the presence of magic, while the other is a constant shade of purple.

Animations: The Wicked Witch of the West can be seen cackling to herself for brief moments of time, and should water touch her, her entire body will melt into a puddle on the floor.

Abilities: With a telescopic eye, the Witch of the West can see far distancing making it an easy task to keep a watchful eye on any and all she wishes. She also holds the power of the Golden Cap, allowing her 3 favors from the Winged Monkeys, excluding Maud who is seemingly immune to the Golden Cap’s summons as she served the Witch of the East prior, not the Witch of the West.

Relevance: The Wicked Witch of the West is the primary antagonist, seeking to gain the power of the silver shoes from Dorothy but unable to harm her due to the Witch of the North’s kiss.

Relationship(s): Conspires with the Wicked Witch of the East. She has a pack of wolves at her command, as well as a flock of crows and a swarm of black bees.

Back Story: One of the two wicked witches in Oz, the Witch of the West is the last remaining wicked witch after the death of the Witch of the East. She rules the land of the West in the Country of the Winkies after taking it over with the assistance of the Winged Monkeys, and running the Wizard of Oz off the land.


target hardware

HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset

development specifications

Software for development will include Unity game engine, Autodesk Maya for modeling, and (software for mapping and textures)

Hardware for development will include a modern PC and game server.

network requirements

You must have a computer with a graphics card sufficient for playing VR. This link on the Steam website will test your computer’s capacity to use the HTC Vive. https://store.steampowered.com/app/323910/SteamVR_Performance_Test/ You must have a computer, a monitor, a keyboard, a free HDMI port and a free USB port.

game menus

Presence and immersion are main concerns in a virtual environment. In the context of virtual reality it is important to understand that the environment will act as the primary user interface. Sound and sight must not break presence for the user, so traditional “screens” and bounded boxes will not work here. The goal is to give the player the opportunity to experience this classic piece of literature in a highly immersive way.

left controller

The left controller will have a 3D book overlay that the player can open using the large trackpad on the left controller. This book overlay will serve as the game’s primary “menu”. The player may flip through the book’s different page’s to find different menu screens. One page provides instructions and clues for puzzles in the area, one page display the player’s inventory, and another page displays the game options. For accessibility purposes, the game clues and instructions will be written and narrated, and the player will have the ability to turn either on or off based on their personal taste. This is to accommodate users with limited hearing or limited reading ability so everyone can experience the dialogue and sound effects that provide implicit cues. Options in the book screen can be accessed through pushing the small center menu button on either Vive hand-held controller, which will turn the book’s page to the “table of contents”, Here they can select from several options, such as saving the game, accessing the map, and viewing their inventory.

right controller

The right controller will have a 3D pen overlay that the player can use to select items both in the world and in the magic book. Which items the player can select will depend on how much of the story they have unlocked. By pushing the trigger button the player can pick up items for use, then push the left hand controller menu button to close the book and exit the menu screen. Once an item is pulled from the magic book, it appears in the world and takes on the look and behavior of its character or function in the story. For example, the Tin Woodman is useful for clearing a path with his axe. Once the player has found him in the game, that character can be pulled from the book and put into play. If the player selects a key item and not a character to put into play, the pen overlay becomes an overlay of the currently held item.

audio, music, & sound effects

Most cues within the game are visual however some cues are narrated. For the most part the audio sets the tone of the game. VR allows a unique audio experience because sound is set in the 3D space allowing us to develop sound effects that enrich the user’s experience. Sound effects also help direct the user’s attention to important moments in the scene, while leaving other areas quiet and less distracting, though the story never relies on these aural cues. The goal is for the experience to be more visually rooted, with familiar game cues that users will already feel comfortable making use of.

help system

The book glows to prompt the user in most tasks. If the book isn’t the source of help Maud or one of the companions will urge the user with narration in the direction needed to complete each task. When the player is looking through their inventory in the books pages they are given the option to select the small menu button one either controller. Once they have selected the menu button they are able to save and exit the game or seek further help in completing the current puzzle. The Scarecrow also provides helpful tooltips and hints about the area, direction the player should be traveling in, or relevant items. Often, talking to the companions or NPC’s in the area can help provide clues to what the player’s attention should be directed toward. Maud will also always help keep the player on the narrative path, so the player can’t get themselves lost or too deep in the environment they’re too far from the visual cues. Relying on in-game elements to be the user’s help system helps maintain the immersion of the scene.



Gameplay involves interacting with items, the environment, and characters in order to solve puzzles that allow the player to progress through the events of the original novel. The game consists of 6 chapters, or levels, that the player advances through linearly. Maud, the player’s winged monkey companion, helps keep the player along the narrative path, preventing them from wandering too far. Obstacles from the story, like a field of sleepy poppies or those pesky winged monkeys, are reproduced as a basis for the game’s puzzles. The ability to move on to the next chapter in the story or area in the game is blocked until the puzzles are solved. The player’s ultimate goal is to complete the story and find their way back home.


Given the virtual environment and literary nature of the game, there is no combat or risk of “death” to the player. The player will interact with items, the environment, and characters in order to solve story-oriented puzzles. If the player cannot solve a puzzle, they will be unable to progress to the next area of the map or part of the story, but will not suffer any painful repercussions. Conflict unfolds as obstacles in the players path or inside the story’s narrative.

puzzle structure

Players are given a lot of freedom to explore their surroundings and make unique choices in VR. They are able to “touch” and interact with almost everything in their environment which is a big part of the immersive experience of VR. For this reason, none of the puzzles are timed. We feel giving the player time to explore their virtual environment is just as important as accomplishing the tasks. Much like literature, this experience is about the journey rather than the result.

There are some constraints built into the game though to prevent uncanny experiences. For example, the player dotted line with silver slippers at the end that the player uses to jump through the game will not just teleport the player out of the West Witch’s dungeon. The player is truly stuck until they can complete the task of unlocking the door. Additionally, the player can choose items that work but aren’t as effective as the intended item. For example, when the player encounters the Lion they are able to load their feather tornado weapon and use it but it has very little effect on the Lion.

The player can ask for help on any puzzle by selecting the menu button. When they do select the menu button the book will play an animation with further directions to help the player get back on track.


moving through the terrain

The player will move through the terrain by making little “hops” through the virtual terrain using the right controller and large trackpad button. A dotted line terminating with a pair of silver slippers rather than the customary arrow will indicate which direction and how far the user will move through along the path. Forcing the player to stay mostly on the path, in this case the yellow brick road, will improve the user experience. If the entire map was explorable it would bloat the processing power needed to play the game and could cause jag or lag. We will bend the transport directional line or only allow it to point as far as the section of terrain we mark as explorable. This constraint prevents the user from wandering endlessly in unnecessary terrain without jolting them out of the immersive game experience.

teleporting through the world

By selecting the map which is a tile in the book inventory the player can move the silver slippers icon to any area of the map where they have already completed all the puzzles. Teleporting between areas places the player at the selected area’s entry point. This allows for quicker and less cumbersome travel between the earlier and later chapters of the story.

objects & items

general items

There two types of items in the game, general items and key items. General items are objects in the world that the player can interact with in ways such as picking them up, throwing them, or destroying them. The items may be arbitrary or could also be useful when solving puzzles. General items cannot be kept or stored in the player’s inventory. Any object in the world can be a general item and players can choose to interact with them whenever they want- though it won’t reap any reward or reaction unless indicated by the game. Selecting and manipulating objects in the game will require touching the item in virtual space while holding the trigger of whichever controller is touching the item. This will temporarily switch the controller overlays (pen or book) with the item being explored if it is an item the player can pick up. The function of the pen overlay on the right controller is predominantly for selecting items to load into the book, however constraints for the left controller are unnecessary and the player can interact with the environment with either controller.

key items

Key items are items necessary to unlocking and completing the story. These items are obtained by completing the game’s puzzles. Key items are added to the players inventory when they are being held, the player touches the item with either hand controller and holds the trigger while holding the item if it is something that can be loaded into their book inventory a the book overlay on the right controller will openand the item will appear as a 2D image in one of the tiles in the book.

  • Magic silver shoes
  • Eyeglass
  • Feather fan
  • Oilcan
  • Tin Woodman's axe
  • Green-tinted spectacles
  • Dungeon key
  • Magic cap
  • Silver whistle

communication methods


Characters in the game communicate through voice and speech, requiring the player to listen and interact with them as they would a normal companion. These voice narrations can have subtitles turned on in the game options, which animate as floating text in the center-left area of the player’s viewport. The player may choose whether to turn the voice narration or text narration off, depending on their preference.

items & instruction

In order to immerse the player in the environment as much as possible, most of the game’s communication comes through visual cues from the characters, item abilities or environment. The magic book serves serves a channel for more explicit communication, however. There, animations and simple text instruct the player on how to complete puzzles, access items, and what items can do.

replaying & saving

Players can access the save menu through the small menu button above the trackpad on either controller. This menu button brings up save, replay and help options. Additionally it gives the player the option to exit the game.


chapter 1: munchkin country

There is one difference between the original novel and this game: The player. Since the player didn’t arrive exactly the way Dorothy did, the evil ruler of the Munchkins, the Witch of the East, wasn’t squashed by a house and thus still lives.

The first level is fairly small, short, and aims to help introduce the player to the environment and mechanics without overwhelming them.

Shortly after landing, the player meets the Witch of the North and a few munchkins. They learn of the player’s need to get home and tell them that the only way to get home is to travel to the Emerald City and seek the help of the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. The player learns that North Witch and the Munchkins are traveling to the East Witch’s castle to execute a trap that would collapse her castle upon her. After learning of her terrible regime and the atrocities she has committed, the player is moved by their plight, and offers their assistance.

Puzzle One: Castle Collapse

After agreeing to help the Munchkins the magic book begins to glow. The book is opened by touching the left controller trackpad. The magic book displays a sketch of a catapult and plays an animation directing the player to the nearest object needed to build the illustrated trap.

The first thing that must be collected is a magic eyeglass. Once the player finds it in the bushes along a nearby path, the eyeglass item is loaded into the book’s inventory page. The inventory page is displayed in a tile format on the open page of the magic book when holding the left trigger. Inventory items can be selected with the pen by touching the item with the pen and pulling the right trigger. When the player selects the magic eyeglass and equips it, it changes the player’s right eye from color vision to grayscale. While the eyeglass is in use, the items needed to complete the catapult will glow in their hiding spots, though the player must still walk around and find where in the area they are located. The eyeglass Illuminates a base, lever, and basket needed to assemble the catapult. When each item is touched with the pen (right controller), they disappear from the world and appear as drawings in the magic book. The player is able to drag the pieces together using the pen, building a 2D image of the trap on the page. Once the catapult is complete, it can be summoned from the pages of the magic book and into the world. Once the player finishes the trap, it fires on the witch’s castle and crushes her. Grateful for the help, the North Witch kisses the player, plucks the magic silver shoes from her dead sister’s feet and gives them to the player as a token of thanks.

Awards: Magic silver shoes (gain teleport ability), North Witch’s Kiss of Protection (player cannot die in Oz)

Just before leaving, a small winged monkey emerges from the castle’s rubble. She introduces herself as Maud and thanks the player for freeing her from the East Witch’s control. As repayment, she offers to accompany the player as a guide to the Emerald City.

Awards: Winged Monkey companion (shows the narrative path), Unlock next chapter

chapter 2: the yellow brick road

Maud explains that the way to the Emerald City is simple if the player follows the Yellow Brick Road. After walking down the road for a time, Eventually, the player comes across a scarecrow stuck on his pole. Crows swarm him, plucking away at his eyes and straw filling, telling him they were too smart to be fooled by his decoy and the importance of having a brain. Soon, there will be nothing left of the scarecrow. The player notices a way to free him.

Puzzle Two: Eating Crow

Some of the crow’s feathers are glowing strangely. Maud leads you to one of the glowing feathers on the ground. At Maud’s insistence, the player touches the pen to the feather, affixing them together and creating a powerful breeze that blows Maud over. The magic book also begins to glow. Aftering opening it, the book shows an animation of the pen with ten glowing crow feathers sticking out like a fan. When waved, the fan creates a tornado and blows the scarecrow off the pole. Now the player understands what they must do. The player catches the crows with the glowing feathers by touching them with the pen. When a crow is tapped with the pen, its glowing feather will drop down and affix itself to the pen. As they collect, they form a fan shape just as the animation showed. Once 10 feathers are collected, the fan has the ability to form tornado force winds when waved. If the player waves the feather fan at the scarecrow, he flies off his pole, but much of his stuffing comes apart in the process. Finally, the player must put away the new feather fan, reselect the pen in their inventory, and collect the scarecrow’s scattered pieces. Once the head, body, arms, and legs are all collected, the scarecrow is reformed.

After freeing Scarecrow and saving his life, he cries and expresses concern about not having a brain. The player shares that they are on your way to ask the help of the great Wizard of Oz and suggests that he might also be able to offer Scarecrow a brain. Scarecrow joins the party.

Awards: Scarecrow companion (provides helpful hints and tooltips), Feather fan (ability to create tornado winds)

the emerald city

the witch of the west

the wonderful wizard of oz

quadling country


story development

Mariah Gwin & Holly Slocum

character development & concept illustrations

Mariah Gwin

interface & gameplay design

Christian Denny & Holly Slocum

puzzle design

Christian Denny

website development

Holly Slocum

game logo

Andrew Nevue

concept graphics

Andrew Nevue